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Evernote does it again: 3 reasons to love the new (beta) update!

Folks – Evernote has done it again! The powerhouse app that we all love keeps getting better and better!

They not only came out with their sexy new web interface last week – and got great reviews on 40Tech – but, we can also added lots of this functionality to their desktop app now as well!  Here’s 3 great reasons to love the new update (Note: You have to go to Options –> Update to pre-release version when available. You’ll then be prompted to update to version 4.3 Prerelease 137544).

1.  You can now share individual notes with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Email!

As you can see, with 1 right-click on a note or by clicking on the “Share” in the toolbar, you can now share your notes directly to your friends in your social media circles!  As you can tell, I wrote this post right here in my Public Evernote notebook before hitting copy/paste in WordPress. In fact, I’ll be tweeting this note from my Evernote notebook just as soon as I finish! Go ahead – take a look at the notebook!

2.  You can now share notebooks directly from the app itself!

I created my Public Notebook within Evernote directly from the Desktop App!  No need to go online and go through that whole process.  I can manage everything right here!

3.  You can now see how many words/characters your note is right from the status bar!

That’s right – now, as you create your blog post, memorandum, the speech for the President, or your script for your next awesome presentation, you can see how long it is right within the note.  As an added bonus, you can also find/replace directly within the note itself as well.  Say goodbye to Microsoft Word!! 🙂

There you have it – 3 great reasons to love the new Evernote update!

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