A new home for dangoldesq.com & ebook.dangoldesq.com!

Hi everyone! I’m really excited to let you all know that I’ve been moving everything over from WordPress.com over to Blogger! The move has been exhausting, with lots of next actions!  The good news is though it is almost complete.  Why the move? There’s so much to love about the new Blogger, and there’s more opportunity for me to get my message out there! I won’t go into lots of detail (unless you want to know!), but I’m able to design it better, I have more flexibility, and obviously, the Google integration is fantastic!  I’m all about keeping things as simple and clean as possible!

So, what is your next action item?  No need to update your bookmarks, but please sign-up and subscribe so that you are notified as to new posts that come out!  You’ll find the subscribe widgets about mid-way down on the right hand side.  I really hope you love the new home to dangoldesq.com & ebook.dangoldesq.com!  Please let me know your thoughts and comments!



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Transforming how legal professionals work by creating more effective discovery outcomes and driving value.

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