The Art of Getting to Done: How failure is transformed into your greatest success.

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There’s probably no one better to hear these words from than the man who literally had everything that he knew to be certain in life, taken away from him in a not so subtle way before a global audience.

What does this have to do with the Art of Getting to Done?  Because we are all looking to accomplish a big project. If you keep a list of your 50,000′ foot goals in life – it’s right below having a healthy family and being a good partner or spouse or parent.  We all have a goal that we’d like to get done, but we’re afraid to take the big step toward getting it done.

But sitting down and writing a mind map, or putting together a list of next actions in Evernote, is only part of the process.  We actually have to be confident enough in our skills, sincere in our convictions, and stubborn in our passion to make it a reality.  Failing is one step in the right direction toward succeeding.

How is that possible?  I’ll share a story with you. My 5 year old and I agreed it was time for her to learn how to ride her bicycle without training wheels.  This is an incredibly scary initiative for both of us.  She was afraid of even getting on the bicycle and trying because of her fear of failing.  She was afraid to fall down.  Afraid to get hurt.  Afraid she wouldn’t have balance.  And afraid or her own disappointment and her misplaced thoughts of me being disappointed in her.  I reminded her in a way that a 5-year old could understand that the only way for her to succeed is to fall down a couple of times amd know that it’s not the end of the world.  Rather, by getting back on the bicycle seat, it will only give her more confidence that she can do it … and she did.

I’m reminded of this story every time I look at my own list.  I’ll then ask myself: what is behind my fear?  What is really stopping me?  Conan O’Brien was right in that it is only through true disappointment that you can gain clarity … and with clarity there comes conviction and true originality.  At the end of his speech he said, “Work hard. Be kind. And amazing things will happen.” And he’s right.

Your Next Action: Find some time to think about what your big project is that you’d like to accomplish?  What do you really want to do?  What’s stopping you? Maybe you are already there!  If so, we would all love to hear your stories below.


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  1. It’s true.

    I was laid off in 2009. I figured that was it, my career was derailed, I was done. I spent the time productively learning how to better manage my next career. I kept my skills sharp, even learned new skills. I was called back in 2010 and I have had an amazing second career here. Had I not be laid off I’d still be doing the same thing. Instead I’m traveling the world and truly enjoying what I do.

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