Screencast: How to Integrate FollowUpThen with your Evernote & GTD setup for productivity bliss!

I’m really excited about showing off my first screencast to all of you! I’ll admit, this was a bit challenging at first! I received about 100 recommendations on different services, and some not so good. But, between PowerPoint, SnagIt, and YouTube editor – I got it done! So, your feedback will be quite helpful!

In this screencast, I highlight a very small and yet very powerful add-on to my Evernote & GTD setup I talk about in my eBook.  It’ll cover two things: first, showing off how I use Evernote’s copy note linking to really ramp up your productivity; and second, leveraging the power of to help you remind yourself on a given day and/or time about a note you have in Evernote. It’s super easy and the best part – there’s no interface to “hack”.  Take a look and let me know what you think!


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  1. Great stuff. Solves the problem I asked you about previously about scheduling future to dos. This will help me make the jump from toodledo to full time evernote GTD. Thanks.

  2. Well done Daniel! I’m really benefiting from your GTD implementation. Thanks.

  3. Hi Dan. I attempted setting up GTD through Evernote a couple of months ago and spectacularly failed. I was new to both systems and I think I made it far too complex. I also found it was missing the reminder element. With your ebook and now this integration with followupthen I feel ready to have another go – remove the overly complexities I setup and integrate this super reminder functionality you have screencasted! Thank you!

  4. Hello my friend Dan 🙂
    Great post and great screencast!
    I have been using Google calendars with Daily Agendas emailed to me as reminders for my increasingly valuable GTD setup in Evernote.
    I had previously had a cursory look at FollowUpThen and not really seen the value in it (for me) when compared to the ubiquitous – good word that! – Google Calendar!
    It now seems that I would find huge value using FollowUpThen..and I will be implementing your suggestions pronto!
    All the best from Cape Town, Eileen

  5. I feel like a heel but right now, I’m more focused on how you made your screencast exactly (because I need to do just that for work!). Did you ‘capture’ the screenshots and audio on Snagit and then upload on Youtube?

    (Although your post is a Godsend. I was just moaning over how Evernote didn’t have reminders built in, thank you!!)

    • No worries!!! I’m glad this helped! And if you gave me an idea: make a screencast about how to make a screencast! 🙂

      I used SnagIt to record both the audio and the video of my screen. I did several clips. Then, I uploaded each video clip to YouTube, marking hem all private. Then, I went to and edited each clip, added some transitions, and text at the end.

      I hope that helps!

  6. Clear and concise screencast. Followupthen, I can see working for someone who spends most of their time working at their computer: they would most likely be at their computer when the email arrives, and (hopefully) will READ the email.

    Personally, I use my cell-phone calendar (not synced with Google calendar) to create reminders. I (usually) carry my cell-phone, and it buzzes to remind me to go to work (for example), or pick up my daughter from day-care.

    • Thanks for your feedback. I completely agree with you. My workflow is getting the reminders and then moving the tags around in my GTD folder. But, for tasks with definitive due dates – the calendar is definitely the way to go still.

      PS: you have a great website! Keep up the awesome work!!

  7. Hello Daniel,

    I just discovered your blog today, while searching for proven methods to implement GTD.

    I am big technology fan myself and have tried lot of programs ..

    After quickly checking your blog, I got a little confused to be honest, I read a post praising remember the milk and then producteev, SugarSync and evernote…

    While there is no ulimate best practice to introduce GTD, I am sure you have done a lot of comparison and I hope you can give me a quick snapshot on the system(s) you have eventually settled with…

    Thanks in advance for you reply …

    Great blog …

    • Rebeeh – thanks so much for the great comments! I can understand that there may be a bit of some confusion – but, if you read my eBook on Evernote and follow my progression in each post, I got to a place where I realized I can use just Evernote for everything. I like to call it GTD App Hell or “GAH!”. Unfortunately, I can’t give you the answer to what will work best for you. Everyone’s productivity system is different. But what I can tell you, is that I have come to a place that is far more relaxing and stress free by using just Evernote. I hope this helps and I encourage you to read the eBook for much more information. Cheers!

  8. Dan,

    This is a great screencast and a great tip.

    Is there anyway to force to embed a note link in the email which will allow you to hit the url in the email and it brings up the appropriate note in EN?


    • Thanks so much, John! I really appreciate that! Great question – The short answer is not yet. But, if you copy/paste the note link into the message area, you can paste that into your browser to open the Evernote note from there. I figured it was a bit much for purposes of this screencast — but with a little “hack”, it is possible!!

      • Sounds like a reasonable kluge!

        I’d appreciate a bit more detail on how you set up your notebooks in EN for GTD. For example do you have separate notebooks for your Project List and Project specific notes or do you doo it all with tags?

        Lots os questions – maybe pick up on our next hangout?

      • Thanks, John. I keep one notebook for all of my GTD next action items, things on my someday/maybe list, and waiting for list. All of my project related material is tagged.

        For projects though, I have the top level tags “Projects” that include the child tags, “Active”, “Inactive”, and “Closed”. I tag the relevant reference notes for projects such as .Project X. That “.Project X” tag is in the “Active” parent tag. When I’m done, I simply remove that tag and place a “Closed” tag in its place. For client tags, I have a top level tag, “Clients”, and I’ll include child tags for all of my active clients.

        Let’s definitely plan a hangout again and talk about some of these things then in more detail. Thanks!!

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