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As you all know, I’m inspired by great presentations. It’s an art form. One that I so very much love. I also firmly believe that the right slide can evoke emotion. With emotion, you can get people to act. When you get people to act for the good, you can evoke so much positive change.  I thought you all would like this PowerPoint slide I created this morning to help you stay motivated every day…



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  1. Very thought provoking slide. It may be just me, before coffee, but I found I had to really read this (as opposed to the usual “skimming”) a couple of times, before I “got it”.

    Certainly evokes emotion, but in a very subtle way – which I really prefer over bombastic, “in your face”, motivational rhetoric.

    It is now time for wine, in California, and this slide still looks good:) Thanks Dan, for setting a great tone for my day!

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