Evernote does it again: 3 reasons to love the new (beta) update!

Folks – Evernote has done it again! The powerhouse app that we all love keeps getting better and better!

They not only came out with their sexy new web interface last week – and got great reviews on 40Tech – but, we can also added lots of this functionality to their desktop app now as well!  Here’s 3 great reasons to love the new update (Note: You have to go to Options –> Update to pre-release version when available. You’ll then be prompted to update to version 4.3 Prerelease 137544).

1.  You can now share individual notes with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Email!

As you can see, with 1 right-click on a note or by clicking on the “Share” in the toolbar, you can now share your notes directly to your friends in your social media circles!  As you can tell, I wrote this post right here in my Public Evernote notebook before hitting copy/paste in WordPress. In fact, I’ll be tweeting this note from my Evernote notebook just as soon as I finish! Go ahead – take a look at the notebook!

2.  You can now share notebooks directly from the app itself!

I created my Public Notebook within Evernote directly from the Desktop App!  No need to go online and go through that whole process.  I can manage everything right here!

3.  You can now see how many words/characters your note is right from the status bar!

That’s right – now, as you create your blog post, memorandum, the speech for the President, or your script for your next awesome presentation, you can see how long it is right within the note.  As an added bonus, you can also find/replace directly within the note itself as well.  Say goodbye to Microsoft Word!! 🙂

There you have it – 3 great reasons to love the new Evernote update!


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  1. Hi Daniel,

    Great post as always – thanks for keeping so on top of all these changes in SP and EN. I’ve missed a few posts, so I do have a quick question. Last week you posted the video blog relating Springpad, which was excellent. And today obviously you’re lauding Evernote’s new additions – so have you switched back from Springpad again, or are you using both now for different things? It may be that I’ve missed a post that explains this, but thought I’d ask, as I’m about to revisit my own SP, RememberTheMilk, EN usage.


    • @Shelley – great question and thanks for the awesome kudos! I did wonder if breaking from conventional posting and putting up a video post would make or break me! 🙂 You didn’t miss anything at all. I think both services are fabulous and what I have realized is that there is a place for both in my workflow. The reason why I continue to tout both is because I do think that there’s a place for both in our everyday lives.

      I tend to use Springpad now more for personal as opposed to work use. I’ll give you a great example: I find that when I’m on the go, Springpad is great for quick snapping a picture of a UPC/QR code and instantly gaining pricing information and instantly sharing that with friends. It’s also great for making a quick to-do or even a shopping checklist. Even better, if you store all of your recipes on Springpad, you can instantly create shopping lists online and take that with you when you’re out and about. There’s a whole lot of different real world uses that are great. It’s ability to add voice notes on the fly is smart and a direct hit to Evernote.

      Inasmuch as I love Springpad, I continue to find everyday uses for Evernote as well. For example, having an offline desktop app is still king to me. There’s also the Outlook integrations allow me to quickly hit the Send to Evernote button and tag the email and send it to the right notebook. It’s new Chrome addition makes sending notes from Chrome so much better – a direct hit to Springpad. But more than that, its the global hotkey features like copy/paste shortcuts and screen clipping features in Evernote that I love so much. Other must haves for me in Evernote is the ability to store every document & photo and search the text. My kids’ artwork from school all gets scanned and put into a notebook and displays like a beautiful photo album. Now, as another knock to Springpad, being able to share individual notes from the desktop app & web app as well as share whole notebooks in a much more streamlined fashion is also really, really useful!

      The question becomes – what do you need the app for? In your case, if it’s task management and you only want 1 app for everything – then Springpad is an awesome choice. If you feel like you can use just one app for tasks and the store your electronic life into another app — well, I feel disloyal by saying this, but, Evernote really is stepping it up and it might be worth revisiting!! Oh, and not to throw a monkey wrench into it all, but my good friend Bobby Travis at 40Tech sold me on Producteev. Take a look at his post. I’ve got nothing but love for them right now!! 🙂

      I hope this helps you!

      • Thanks Dan… When i read your first article on Evernote vs Springpad last year, I was playing around with both, and preferred the more structured folder-based approach to Springpad, so I’ve been almost exclusively using that since Dec. But I recently started looking at Evernote again as a supplement to SP, in terms of using it to ‘digitize’ my life – so less as a method of organization, and more of a content repository. Either way, I think I’m going to spend a day next week really going thru both again, revisiting some of the additions via the comments your site.

        You, Katin, and some of the other commentators on here have been invaluable in opening my eyes to the regular updates – you should try for a guest slot on Lifehacker..!

        Thanks again,

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